Video Of Vendor Selling Fruits In Bizarre Way Goes Viral And Netizens Are In Splits | Watch

The fruit seller can be seen yelling while he cuts the fruits and shows them to people. Netizens appreciate his marketing strategy.

By Simran Srivastav
Mon, 04 Jul 2022 02:25 PM IST
Minute Read
Video Of Vendor Selling Fruits In Bizarre Way Goes Viral And Netizens Are In Splits | Watch
Image Credits: Crowcin/Reddit

Every now and then we see some funniest and most bizarre videos on social media, which leaves netizens in splits. Now, a video of a fruit seller has surfaced on Reddit, in which he can be selling and cutting the fruits in a very unique and hilarious way. The vendor can be seen screaming while he cuts the fruits and netizens are truly appreciating his passion.

The video was shared on Reddit by 'Crowcin' and it says in the caption, "If my Fruit dealer ain't this passionate about fruits then I don't want it". 

The video has over 72 thousand upvotes and 1480 comments. Redditors have some hilarious reactions to this video. Some people praised the fruit seller's strategy to sell the fruit. One person commented, "He knows the secret. In order to have the best tasting fruits, you have to scream at them."

Meanwhile, some netizens expressed how they will react if they will meet tgis person. One Redditor wrote, "I love his enthusiasm, but as an introvert I would buy my fruit elsewhere." Another person wrote, "Asked if he'd sell vegetables, he answered AAAAAAAAAAAAA". 

Another Redditor compared this video to the epic Salt Bae meme and commented, "petition to replace salt bae with fruit bae". Some people also thought about the after effects of alcohol and commented, "Literally every time I drink one beer". In the video, the fruit seller can be seen cutting watermelon and papaya. He cuts papaya in different shapes and designs and asked people to buy his fruits.

A few months ago, a video of a grape seller also went viral. In the video, the grape seller can be heard singing a jingle to sell his grapes. People also compared it to the Kacha Badam song, that went viral. People appreciated his dedication to ell the fruit. 

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