New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: It’s often said that a man’s wealth is measured by his kindness and not by his assets. A video that recently went viral on social media is a testament to this old saying. Indian Forest Services (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda on Thursday shared a video of an old poor man feeding stray dogs from his plate on Twitter. His compassion and kindness warmed every heart on social media and proved that kindness costs nothing.

Captioning the video, "Poor by wealth. Richest by heart,” the officer highlighted this noble act of the beggar who sat beside the dogs while they ate from his plates.

Watch the viral video here:

Soon after the video was shared, it gardened tremendous attention and many reactions from the netizens.

With more than a thousand retweets and comments, this generous moment captured by the man touched many hearts. Reactions started pouring in with respect for the old man serving the stray dogs.

One of the twitter users said, “Compassion has become so scarce these days. Salute this elderly man.”

Other along the same line mentioned, “The one who feeds the other from his own share is the one who eats the fullest.”

While this act of kindness reminds netizens about the importance and value of humanity, one of the few users also threw light on the condition and state of the old man. Worried about his health condition, the wrote, “With compassion, he feeds the dog while suffering extreme malnourishment. What is the situation where he is at that he has been left to suffer like that?”

Many notable incidents like this one have captured the message of humanity and nobility. Earlier this month, the video of a woman who helped a visually-impaired man get on the bus earned the praise of netizens. Such rare-seen acts leave the impression that no matter whatever happens, kindness and empathy are the greatest virtue.

Posted By: Simran Babbar