New Delhi l Jagran News Desk: We cannot deny that we share a special bond with our siblings, and to meet them after a long time always make us emotional and at times brings tears of joy. In the latest video that has emerged on Twitter, a US man can be seen meeting his brother after a long gap of 20 years.

My dad hasn’t seen his brother in over 20 years. This is my dad surprising him at the airport,” Isabel Godoy, a twitter user wrote on Twitter. She also shared the video in which her father can be seen surprising his uncle at Alaska's Anchorage International Airport. The video was captured earlier this month.

The video has gone viral on the platform and has been viewed over 11 million times. In the video, his father can be seen making playful gestures to the camera behind her uncle who is waiting to take his baggage at the airport.

His brother finally notices her father after 26 seconds in the video and duo hugs each other for the first time in two decades.

As per reports, the duo were travelling to Alaska to meet their mother who is suffering from cancer. The brothers had moved apart 20 years ago. Godoy was reported as saying that her father went a few hours earlier to surprise him while the latter wasn't expecting him for a few more days.

In another video that recently went viral, a Nigeria youth met his mother after spending six years in Ukraine for medical studies.

Posted By: James Kuanal