New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Union Minister Dr. Bhagwat Karad is getting much praise for providing medical assistance to a man aboard an IndiGo flight. The Airline's official Twitter extended their gratitude to the minister and wrote, "Our heartfelt gratitude and sincere appreciation towards MoS for ministering to his duties non-stop! @DrBhagwatKaradyour voluntary support for helping out a fellow passenger is ever so inspiring."

As per reports, Bhagwat Karat was travelling from Delhi to Mumbai from IndiGo flight 6E171. Around an hour after take-off, a passenger started complaining of uneasiness.

After the passenger complained, cabin crew immediately called out for any doctor on the flight, and Bhagwat Karad, who is a surgeon by profession, rushed to assistance. He provided s primary medical assistance and also administered an injection that was available in the aircraft's emergency kit.

"Patient was sweating profusely & had low BP. I removed his clothes, raised his legs, rubbed his chest & gave glucose. He felt better after 30 minutes," said Karad reported ANI.

Dr. Bhagwat Karad is a professional doctor who joined the Narendra Modi cabinet in July 2021 as minister of state for finance. Currently, he is a Rajya Sabha member of Parliament from Maharashtra.

The patient was later admitted to Forties hospital, reportedly felt better afterward.

Twitter has flooded the internet lauding the MoS for his efforts, Dharmendra Pradhan commented and wrote, "In the service of society, on land and in air! Bhagwat Karad ji’s gesture reflects both his professionalism as a doctor as well as his sense of service to society. After all, politics also is about touching people’s lives."

Another Twitterati reacts, "Feels proud, in many ways. Thank you Dr. Karad," a second user said, "India looks forward to such minister's who come to aid not come with aide."

Posted By: Ashita Singh