New Delhi |Jagran Trending Desk: Before you read this article, let us warn you to put your mic on mute because it’s not so cute. Oh! That rhymed well but on a serious note, it can actually land you into trouble just like it happened for Shweta. Yes, we are talking about 'the’ Shweta who became memers new target as accidentally she revealed some private details to 111 people.

All this happened to a girl named Shweta who unknowingly left her mic open while being on a Zoom call with 111 people. It seemed like an official all where without knowing the Shweta went on to talk about a guy’s private life and even called him a ‘s*x addict’. After listening to Shweta’s conversation with her friend, her colleagues tried hard to tell her that her mic was open and everyone was listening but she couldn’t listen.

Soon after someone uploaded the audio call on social media and it went viral and how. People from all over started reacting on the same and the internet got flooded with hilarious memes. Some users thanked god for not having a Shweta in their lives while others found it super hilarious.

Check out Shweta’s audio call here:

Here are the Twitter users' reactions:


Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal