'Turn Boring Into Fun': This Cop Manages Traffic With Great Enthusiasm | Watch

While many are already tired even before going to their work, this traffic police has got another level of enthusiasm. This person definitely loves his job.

'Turn Boring Into Fun': This Cop Manages Traffic With Great Enthusiasm | Watch
Screengrab of the video shared on Twitter/@buitengebieden

THE job of a traffic police is quite tough. Whether it's a winter morning or a summer afternoon, they make sure the traffic is controlled and everything is good.

Though the task sounds quite exhausting, a video that is now making rounds on social media is another level of enthusiasm shown by a traffic cop.

The video was shared by a Twitter user with the caption, "He just loves his job."

In the video, a traffic cop can be seen standing in the middle of a narrow point. He gestures to the pedestrians to cross the road, in the most joyful mood. He then jumps and swerves from side to side and redirects the car. He can be seen making all the lively gestures.

Though the location of the video has not been mentioned along with the caption, several netizens in the comment section have mentioned that the small video clip is from Japan.

The video meanwhile has garnered more than 1 million views and 5,356 retweets. The netizens, meanwhile, loved seeing someone who loves his job so much.

"God, that's adorable! ❤️ It's always wonderful to see someone that actually loves their job," wrote a user.

"You gotta do what you gotta do to turn something boring into fun," said a second user.

A third user shared another video of a traffic police who seems to be enjoying his job too. He can be seen gesturing while performing some amazing dance steps.

Earlier this month, a similar video from India's Uttrakhand went viral. The video showed a traffic police managing traffic with enthusiasm.

In the video, traffic police Jogendra Kumar was seen blowing the whistle and gesturing to cars and two-wheelers crossing the area while dancing.

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