New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: We all need the zest of comedy in our lives. While some comical instances are intentional some happen unknowingly. Something similar happened, when a CNN reporter, Anna Stewart tried to report a story in a field full of turkeys, which resulted in something hilarious and worth watching.

Anna Stewart, the CNN reporter shared a video taken to her Twitter. In the video, she can be seen standing in the middle of a field filled with turkeys trying to record a piece to the camera. But during her shot, a turkey in desperate try of making an appearance on the television pecked her and what happened afterward is pure comedy.

In the posted clip, CNN’s Anna Stewart visited Kelly Bronze farm in Danbury, Essex, to cover the issues surrounding the global supply chain disruptions and the labour shortages in the UK that could halt Christmas turkey.

As the reporter her uttered the words, "A shortage of poultry workers," the turkey pecked her legs from behind which caused her to giggle and other turkeys started to yelp.

“Turns out what turkeys REALLY like is a good laugh, at my expense. Sound up…No shortage of outtakes today at @KellyBronze Farm,” Stewart wrote in her Twitter caption.

The comical video has obviously gone viral on the internet as it has garnered over 856.6k views and gained over 2k likes till now. Netizens have flooded her Tweet with comments that will make any laugh their eyes off.

"Cheeky Turkey," commented one user while a second one commented, " this is priceless well done," a third user wrote, "I've watched this 6 times in a row lol lol lol.."

Take a look a some of the comments here:

Many internet users, lauded the reporter for her braveness and determination, and some also mentioned that the video is a good thing to start their days.

“Brilliant! Brave girl. What are you having for Christmas?" commented one user to which Stewart replied with, "Well after that peck on the posterior, I think I will feel just fine tucking into a [turkey emoji] (if I can get one!).”

"Goosed by a gobbler! Well done for getting through it!" added another Twitter user.

Posted By: Ashita Singh