Lucknow | Jagran Trending Desk: In a bid to fight the problems caused by monkeys on the metro station of Lucknow, the Uttar Pradesh government has come with an innovative idea that is surely unheard of till now. The Metro Authorities in Lucknow have placed cutouts of langurs at nine metro stations in the city to combat the issue and scare away the monkeys roaming around the stations.

As per a report of ANI, Badshah Nagar metro station is one such station where cutouts of langur have been installed. Before this, the metro stations tried to shoo away the monkeys with the sound of angry langur screaming, but it did not affect the monkeys enough.

Speaking to news agency ANI, Vivek Mishra, station controller said, “Initially, we played voices of ‘angry Langur’. It did have some impact but not long-term. So, the mgmt decided to display these cutouts. When voices were played with cutouts, the effect was seen. We change the positions of the cutouts regularly.”

For the unversed, the monkeys are afraid of the langurs and that is why they usually scatter when the lanky langurs arrive and hence the cutouts of langurs are an effective way of scaring them away.

While this is a first on metro stations, before this the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) had posted cutouts of langurs in and around the premises of the 500-bed Sardar Patel Covid Care Centre (SPCCC) in New Delhi's Chhatarpur to combat the monkey menace. The cutouts of langurs appeared to be quite efficient in keeping monkey troupes away from the COVID-19 care center, according to ITBP sources.

Posted By: Ashita Singh