New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Now and then people around the world attempt to set some new record and Guinness World Records often reward those people who succeed in doing so. They regularly share new records set across the world. Recently, Guinness World Records shared a throwback video of a Chennai-based auto-rickshaw driver named Jagathish M doing a stunt with his vehicle.

Ever since the video was shared by the Instagram handle of the Guinness World Records, it has gone crazily viral on the internet. Sharing the video, the official Instagram page of Guinness World Records wrote, ”Epic Auto-Rickshaw Side Wheelie. Auto-rickshaw driver Jagathish M from Chennai, India tuk tuk this side wheelie distance record to the limit.”

In the viral video, Jagathish M is driving his three-wheeled auto on two wheels for a distance of 2.2 kilometers. Jagathish set this record in the year 2016.

He achieved the record for farthest ‘side-wheelie on an auto-rickshaw. As per GWR, "Jagthish had to stay on only two wheels for a distance of at least 1 kilometer, but he set a record by driving his three-wheeled vehicle for a distance of 2.2 kilometers on two wheels.

 “I never thought this record was achievable, but…..I am satisfied, "Jagathish told GWR. In an interview with India today, The 31-year-old revealed that he loves to race on two wheels, the thrill is very amusing. “I enjoy doing that, nothing else excites me more than the stunts I do with my auto. It startles everyone. Onlookers stop and see me in awe as I drive the auto on two wheels," said Jagathish.

The video hone viral has garnered over 4.4 million views and several comments and over 71,000 Likes. A user wrote, “Fast And Furious 10 Stunt Director Found,” while another commented, ”Only Indians can do this.”

Meanwhile, another wrote," Indian autopilot," another hilariously lauded his efforts and wrote, "Indian heavy driver."

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Posted By: Ashita Singh