New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Irish actor Cillian Murphy is trending in India and the reason is Aditya Kashyap of ‘Jab We Met’ played by Shahid Kapoor and the striking resemblance in the looks of the two actors. The desi fans of Imtiaz Ali's 2007 blockbuster rom-com are convinced that Aditya Kashyap was played by none other than Cillian Murphy of Netflix's ‘Peaky Blinders’ fame.

A Twitterati shared the picture of Murphy in a visual from ‘Batman Begins’ and the resemblance from Aditya Kashyap's look in ‘Jab We Met’ was striking.

(Twitter account of a user named @pun_nauti)

Another user wondered if Murphy was about to sing ‘Tum se hi’ in a sequence from ‘Batman Begins’. “Why does Cillian Murphy from Batman look like Jab We Met’s Shahid who is just about to sing “Tum Se Hi”?” wrote the tweeple.

(Twitter account of a user named @Mahrooof98)

And the Aditya Shelby blend of resemblance.

(Twitter account of a user named @_Maasumladka)

“And just when I have resumed my Peaky Blinders watch, internet has gone wild about this cross connection between Cillian Murphy from Batman with Adittiya from Jab we met! Y'all are kinda destroying his Tommy Shelby image in my mind!,” wrote another user.


(Twitter account of a user named @kutumoni04)

“people: I remember him from peaky blinders legends: I remember him from batman begins me: y'all wrong, I remember him from jab we met,” you can agree upon it, quite fairly at that.


(Twitter account of a user named @taytaeshoe)

Indians have simply got no chills at the resemblance with doppelganger parallel.


(Twitter account of a user named @ayush__007_)

The internet has banged the bong of Aditya Kashyap -Cillian Murphy resemblance but so far, neither Cillian Murphy nor Shahid Kapoor or Imtiaz Ali have taken the note of this striking resemblance. The Hollywood twin of Shahid Kapoor, we did not know existed before, has surprised a few and shocked many. And the trend of this striking contextualising is staying upright and in trend for the time being.

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma