This New Watermelon Pizza Topping Leaves Netizens Stunned | Watch

Watch the reaction of netizens to this new pizza topping experiment.

This New Watermelon Pizza Topping Leaves Netizens Stunned | Watch

We all love trying out new food items. While some of us love exploring new restaurants, others enjoy making food items and experimenting with new recipes.

At the same time, there are hundreds of social media food vlogging pages that feature these things. However, this video is not what will leave you craving delicious food, on contrary, this bizarre food combination left netizens frustrated.

Topping Pizza with fruits has become a trend. Earlier a video of pineapple used as a topping also created a buzz on social media. While many enjoyed doing the experiment, many internet users were refuted after seeing the video.

A video posted by an Instagram page that goes with the name 9gag making rounds on the internet. The caption reads, "Happy National Watermelon Day!." It is a video of a pizza topped with watermelons.

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A post shared by 9GAG: Go Fun The World (@9gag)

The video shows a man telling the recipe of the same. He is seen grilling a slice of watermelon on a pan. Then he puts some barbecue sauce on it. He was heard saying, “BBQ sauce works better than watermelon than tomato”. He uses the grilled watermelon slice as a pizza base which he tops up with garnishes including cheese and pepperoni. He then grills the watermelon pizza slice once again.

As soon as the video was posted, netizens started dropping their reactions. "Wasting a perfectly good watermelon for some nasty foolisness," a user wrote.

"Please stop abusing watermelon," said another. A third user commented, "Use me as a dislike button." "This should be illegal," said a fourth.

The video has 6.5 million views, 165k likes, and 8,121 comments.

Earlier, a video of another weird food item also set the internet on fire. A food vlogger posted a video of Dal Makhni Ice Cream Roll. The experiment transformed a main course dish which is usually served hot into a dessert.

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