New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: The jaws of an alligator is known for its tight grip and crushing ability, which no animal could escape once the apex predator catches with its mouth. From fishes to birds to even humans in rare cases, alligators can devour anything with its sharp jaws.

But in an incredible video going viral on the internet, a turtle managed to escape the dangerous jaws of an alligator, thanks to its hard shell.

The viral, which made headlines three years ago, was shot at Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, USA. The video had gone massively viral and garnered around 43 million views on YouTube. Now the video is again doing rounds on the internet after it was shared by an Indian Revenue Service officer Naveed Trumboo on Tuesday.

While sharing the video, Naveed wrote, "Thick skin and a strong mind are essential if you want to survive in this world. Nobody can break you down if you don't let them. -Unknown." Watch the video here:

In the video clip, an alligator can be seen with its jaws clamped around the turtle and trying to swallow the prey. However, the turtle managed to escape the after the alligator fumbled while trying to swallow it, giving the turtle an opportunity to slip out and hop away to a safe place.   

Since Naveed Trumboo shared the video on Twitter, the 18-second clip had garnered over 30,000 views and more than 500 retweets. Users also commented on the post. "No wonder tortoises live well over 100 years," quipped one person, while another said, "Ninja turtle in action."

According to Roaring Earth, not even hard-shelled turtles are safe from the American alligator, which has one of the strongest bites in the world with a force of 9,452 newtons. 

Posted By: Talib Khan