New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Several Karnataka residents took to Twitter this week to slam the BS Yedurappa government’s decision to not allow the migrant workers to leave the state reportedly due to industrial insistence to revive the economic output in manufacturing sector.

The start of this month saw ten special trains running from Bengaluru to several states in North, such as Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Bihar. However on Tuesday, the state government asked the Railways to stop the next batch of trains which was scheduled to run from the city to destinations in the North and Northwestern parts of the country.

Karnataka residents took to Twitter to disseminate their flak against the government’s decision

“Cancelling trains and not allowing migrant workers to return home is a violation of human rights. The state must provide free and safe travel for all workers. #TrainsForMigntsNow,” one Twitter user wrote.

“we are all sitting in cities built by migrant labour & here those who built them are being revoked of all dignity, being forced to work on construction projects, having no access to return home. There need to be free #TrainsForMigrantsNow!,” another user wrote.

Migrant workers also demonstrated their dismay against the government decision, and took to media with placards. “A group of migrant workers sent these photos. The poster says "We are prisoners in the city we built,” a user wrote.

According to labour department's records, Karnataka has more than two lakh migrant labourers from different parts of the country and from Bangladesh and Nepal. More than 80,000 of them are from Odisha and about 70,000 are from Bihar. Most of these migrants are reeling to go back home amid the lockdown in place to contain the spread of novel Coronavirus.

The government has now sent across the communication to restart the train transport channels for migrant workers.

Posted By: Talib Khan