'Started With A Short': YouTube Gives Nostalgia To Netizens By Sharing First-Ever Uploaded Video

YouTube's first video was uploaded by Jawed Karim, who is one of the co-founder of YouTube. The online video sharing platform was founded in 2005.

By Simran Srivastav
Mon, 13 Jun 2022 12:09 PM IST
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'Started With A Short': YouTube Gives Nostalgia To Netizens By Sharing First-Ever Uploaded Video
Image Credits: Jawed/YouTube

New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: YouTube is one of the popular video-sharing platforms and you can watch almost everything and anything you like. From songs to movies to news, YouTube has everything for every kind of audience. Last year, YouTube launched 'YouTube Shorts' which is similar to TikTok and Reels. Now, YouTube India has shared the first-ever YouTube video on Instagram to promote youtube shorts.

Sharing the video, the official account of YouTube India wrote, "if you think about it, it all started with a Short. #YouTubeFactsFest".

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The video was uploaded by the YouTube account Jawed on April 24, 2005. The video is titled 'Me at the Zoo' and has over 235 million views and 12 million likes. Jawed Karim is the co-founder of YouTube as well. In the video, Jawed says, "Alright so here we are, in front of the Elephants. Cool thing about these guys is that they have really, really really long trunks and that's, that's cool And that's pretty much all there is to say.

One person wrote, "This YouTube changed so many people's lives.". Meanwhile, another person commented, "And yet i saw this for the first time today". One YouTuber commented, "The beginning of an amazing platform that has given back to creators and enabled a community of people around the world. Thanks to Jawed for being part of its creation and its history as well by uploading this first ever video to YouTube!".

YouTube was founded on February 14, 2005, by Jawed Karim, Steve Chen and Chad Hurley and it is the second most visited website after Google. The platform has more than 2.5 billion monthly users who collectively watch more than one billion hours of videos each day. YouTube was bought by Google in 2006 for 1.65 Billion Dollars.

In February 2014, Susan Wojcicki was appointed CEO of YouTube. Later, the company also launched YouTube Music, YouTube Kids and YouTube Games. YouTube also removed the dislike button in 2021.

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