New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: American space agency NASA shared a fascinating sonification video of the Helix Nebula -- a bright cosmic structure located about 655 light years away from the Earth. 

Sonification refers to the use of sound values to represent data in an engaging way. Since space does not have a medium to propagate sound, the process help us conceptualise data in the astronomical images in an auditory way. For the sonification of a Helix Nebula image, its red light was assigned lower pitches while the blue light were assigned the higher pitches. The result, is what netizens have described as the soundtrack of a horror flick.

The image was shared by the official Instagram handle of Hubble Space Telescope. “The Helix Nebula is 655 light-years away from us, and 3 light-years across! Near the end of a Sun-like star’s life, nebulae like this form when the star sheds some of its outer material,” the caption read.

“In this sonification, red light is assigned lower pitches and blew light is assigned higher pitches. Just as the frequencies of light increase from red to blue, frequencies of sound increase from low to high pitches. While there is no sound in space, significations like this help us conceptualise the data in astronomical images in a new, auditory way!”

Watch the video here:

 Since being shared on Instagram, has video has been watched over 575,000 times.  

Posted By: Lakshay Raja