New Delhi| Jagran Trendig Desk: In the world where covid-19 exists, wearing masks is new normal. Humans are made to wear masks, but even they struggle to keep up with it, expect this little creature who got it right. In a recently shared video by Rex Chapman, a monkey is seen who picks up a mask and wears it.Proof of evolution is what this monkey's deeds proves us. 

Sharing the clip, Chapman writes, "If you’ve already seen a monkey find a mask and promptly put it on its face today then just keep on scrolling…."


The monkey, picks up the mask lying on the road tri,es to wear it but unable to understand ended wearing it on his head. With over 1 million view, this monkey has surely made it in the list of famous and liked animal.

This funny short video of this monkey grabbed the attention of netizens and has got them thinking. The monkey has got it right, even this little creature is now aware of the havoc and dangers of coronavirus.While the video has spread like wild fire on internet, many netizens reacted to it in the most funny way.


Appreciating the monkey's intelligence a MMA announcer Dean stone commented, "He's much more evolved than a large portion of our population." Some netizens also raised questions that if a monkey can do it, why not humans. In the most hilarious way one social media user asked the monkey to even get vaccinated.

Posted By: Ashita Singh