New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: If you suddenly lose or gain weight then it is not possible that it will go unnoticed. Some will be shocked and some will ask the secret behind it. But if you are North Korea's Leader, some serious people and the whole world would want to know what happened. Apparently, North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un has lost weight and the whole world is interested.

At a military parade in North Korea, Kim Jong Un was spotted in a new look. The leader has lost about 20 kgs of weight and was looking thinner with a tan and a new haircut he grabbed a lot of attention.

A slimmer North Korean leader Kim was seen in a cream-colored suit on the balcony to observe the parade. Amidst all the clapping the leader was seen beaming as he smiled widely and even kissed the children who presented him with flowers.

North Korean leader is known for heavy drinking and smoking and comes from a family with a history of heart issues. Apparently, Kim has dropped his weight over the past several months, and as the reports suggest it is done to prevent any health issue.

Earlier, The media had cited that some North Koreans broke down in tears after seeing the drastic change in the 37-year-old. The North Korean leader was absent from the limelight since May after having some health issues.

As he made an appearance before the media, his drastic weight loss has got the whole world and internet talking. As the media houses have released his pictures from the parade, his weight loss is receiving a lot of reactions.

Some are shocked to see the all-new fit Kim Jong Un, while some are happy to see him back on a straight track.

Meanwhile, others took a jibe at that people always criticizing the North Korean leader but now are congratulating him for his weight loss. Some netizens hilariously suggested that former US President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are gym Buddies.

One internet user commented, "Kim Jong Un has lost weight and had a make-over. Dancing With the Stars next?," While another wrote, " Slim Jong Un."

The world is curious and so are we. What are your thoughts on this drastic weight loss of North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un? Do share.

Posted By: Ashita Singh