New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: In the middle of a global health crisis, declaring medical officials as "superheroes" is justified, but not enough. Considering the risk factor and ever-increasing number of patients, we as a world should also ponder about the mental health of these frontline warriors.

A lady doctor who worked in a hospital in Manhattan, died after attempting suicide on Sunday. Identified as Dr Lorna M Breen, the director of the emergency department at New York's Presbyterian Allen Hospital, lost her life in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Hailing from one of the best hospitals the 49-year-old doctor had treated numerous coronavirus infected patients, but later the doctor herself lost hope and committed suicide.

Lorna's father, Dr Philip Breen, after her daughter’s death, as quoted by New York Times, said, "She tried to do her job, and it killed her. Lorna was tensed about the devastating condition of the patient traffic suffering from coronavirus in the hospital”.

Dr Breen also said that his daughter was not suffering from any mental health issues and she was absolutely fine, “Just during their last telephonic conversation, Lorona sounded detached, something was bothering her," he said.

He also said that during their last conversation Lorona was talking about the condition at the hospital, as the number of patients suffering from the deadly infection is increasing daily.

"People are dying before they could be even taken out from the ambulance," Lorna said, describing the situation in the hospital.

Dr Lorna was herself a COVID-19 survivor and had rejoined the hospital after she was declared medically fit again. Various acquaintances also shared words about her lively and humble nature. Her father requested police and medical staff to consider her death as a consequence of this medical emergency and not name it as a suicide.

Though the real reason for such stiff action by the lady doctor is not known yet, however, the police is trying to get in touch with the maximum number of people Lorna was actively talking, to search for the real cause.

Posted By: Talib Khan