New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Dr. Shashi Tharoor is a man of words and by words we mean some really unique and one-of-a-kind words from the depth of dictionary that a layman may not have heard off. Recently, the leader was reminiscing his college days and the fun banters involved during those days.

Dr. Shashi Tharoor took a trip down memory lane as he recalled the many hours he spent with his college mates in the early 1970s. Taking to Twitter, Dr. Tharoor shared a screenshot of a fun-filled conversation between three users.

The screenshot was filled with all kinds of Naansense as the first tweet of the conversation from former Managing Director of Twitter and Google, Parminder Singh reads"#NaanSenseTweet" "If two guys fight over a tandoori naan, is that violence or naan-violence?"

In response a user named Ram Vaidyanathan wrote,". "Naan violence is part of our kulcha," and a third user wrote, "Lassi who wins," in a hilarious exchange of witticisms.

As Dr. Tharoor shared the Tweet, he wrote, "This was exactly what St Stephen's was like when I was there in the early 1970s!.People spent hours in repartee of this nature. But we didn’t have @Twitterto immortalise our bon mots. (On this exchange, as a Southie I would rice to the occasion, provided some-bar wasn’t there.)"

Parminder Singh reacted to the same and wrote, "Thanks for Tweeting this Shashi. Not just Stephen’s, repartees like this were a DU rasam. Though I was there at a different time would have loved to spar with you idli."

To which Dr. Tharoor replied with ". It’s never too lait… but for now yeh coffee hain."

The wordplay continued as several other users also took part in the fun banter as one user wrote," Vada" you saying?"

Actor Arshad Warsi also amused fans with his tweet on Monday night. "If I eat naan with veg, am I having naan veg," he wondered.
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Posted By: Ashita Singh