New Delhi| Jagran Trending Desk: When there is a viral picture, then there is a viral meme. Dr. Shashi Tharoor recently shared a picture of him breaking a coconut during the festival of Onam. But little does he know, that this picture will make him a part of trending meme. Netizens have created several memes out of the photo that Dr. Shashi posted.

The meme of Dr. Tharoor dressed in a yellow kurta and white mundu, is trending on the internet so much that, even Shashi Tharoor himself has shared the memes and picked his most favourite creative memes too!

In the original post Dr. Shashi can be seen participating in the rituals and prayers for the festival of Onam. Sharing the pictures he wrote,"And then offered a “Niramala” at the Elevanchery Bhagavathy Kshetram a few minutes from my ancestral home (where I also smashed a ritual coconut & prayed to the Naga gods worshipped by all Nairs). #Onam blessings to all especially those suffering in these troubled times."

Look at the original photo that Dr. Tharoor shared:

 Sharing his favourites Dr. Shashi writes,"There are many of these memes going around using the pic of me ritually smashing a coconut. I don’t know who dreams them up by they are often very funny. This one is one of my favourites:"

 While Shashi Tharoor, took the memes sportingly, appreciating him a user commented,"I love the way he takes all the funny memes/comments, love his nature.Other politicians can learn from him." while other wrote,"Love the boxing ring one! Appreciate ur sense of humour to acknowldge ur own memes."

Posted By: Ashita Singh