The new month September has begun and the netizens are expecting new beginnings too as they say that Coronavirus pandemic has ruined their year 2020. Twitteratis are hoping for good news this month and are anticipating that this month treats them well. Netizens are up with their high hopes on September and are praying that the rest of the year turns out to be good, unlike the previous months.

The year 2020 began on a bad note with lockdowns and uncontrollable spread of the novel coronavirus which took many lives. Thus now the people have their reason to consider it as not so lucky year. One of the user said that this year gave us floods, storms, wildfires, global pandemic and now if the aliens come he will just relax.

Some of the users are praying for this pandemic to get over and while rest of the others are sharing hillarious memes on how the year has been so far.


The world is divided into two pessimists and optimists and the group of pessimists believe that the rest of the year is also going to be bad and the group of optimist think that the rest of the year is going to bring some good luck for us.


There are some netizens who are sharing Hello September and Good month September wishes and images of greeting to each other, here have a look:

One of the user said that they've had alot this year and want some good changes now. People are now desperate for some good news and are hoping that this month marks some changes unlike the previous months. We wish you all Happy September and hope positive change marks your way!

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