New Delhi| Jagran Trending Desk: A planet so destructive in nature that even the fiction villain Thanos would think twice to destroy it. The exoplanet K2-141b is a planet that has lava oceans all over it and it rains rocks too. This planet is 202 light-years away from us and from the very thought of it, it seems like just the planet that is described as 'hell' in books and cartoons. A new study revealed that this planet's oceans and even the atmosphere is made up of different kind of rocks.

According to scientists, this planet rains rocks on the planet as it has an atmosphere made up of rock that is made up of something which is defined as the complete opposite of Earth's water cycle. The exoplanet completes its revolution around its Sun in about seven hours and two-third of it is always exposed to sunlight because it’s gravitationally locked which leads to temperatures soaring up to 3,000 degrees celsius.

Giang Nguyen, the lead author at York University who did research under the supervision of McGill University Professor Nicolas Cowan on the study said that "The study is the first to make predictions about weather conditions on K2-141b that can be detected from hundreds of light-years away with next-generation telescopes such as the James Webb Space Telescope."

Professor Cowan of the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences said that "All rocky planets­, including Earth, started off as molten worlds but then rapidly cooled and solidified. Lava planets give us a rare glimpse at this stage of planetary evolution."

However, this planet, not only rains rock but also its temperature falls as low as -200 degrees celsius and supersonic winds blow at 5,000 kmph.

By the year 2021, the launch of the Webb Space Telescope will help the study of scientists to confirm the planet. The current data has been collected from the Spitzer Space Telescope that helped the scientists to figure out the exoplanet’s temperatures on both sides.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma