New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Not a day goes by without a politician making headlines for something they shouldn't. In India many times politicians are caught performing acts which is often considered a publicity stunt. The same happened recently on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti on October 2nd. A Samajwadi Party leader in a tribute ceremony for Mahatma Gandhi did something which captured everyone's attention.

Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated to mark the birthday of one of the great leaders Mahatma Gandhi. On the special occasion, many leaders including Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid his tribute to the late leader. Meanwhile, This Samajwadi Party leader on the same day went to an event to pay his tribute. In the event near the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, Ghalib Khan got super emotional and broke into tears.

The video of Samajwadi Party leader Ghalib Khan where he broke into tears and starts saying Bapu-Bapu is doing rounds on the internet as netizens can't stop watching the video without a laugh.

In the hilarious video, Ghalib Khan, accompanied by his supporters, has gone in front of the statue of Mahatma Gandhi and is holding the statue of Gandhiji and placing his head on it, saying 'Bapu-Bapu'. While a supporter of his in white kurta can be seen consoling him."

Netizens cannot stop but pointed out his fake tears and over-acting. They are fiercely sharing the video on multiple social media sites with hilarious comments. 

One internet user said, 'Don't overact will spoil the whole game.' At the same time, another user wrote, 'Why did Bapu leave his child? The video should be sent to the Oscars.' At the same time, a user named Aamir Khan wrote, 'SP leader Ghalib Khan's 50 rupees will be deducted for acting over.'

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Posted By: Ashita Singh