New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: A recent hit tweet is doing rounds on social media where a man from Tamil Nadu is getting applauded for his ‘utmost dedication’ towards his work for 30 years.

The 66-year old has walked for 15 km each day through thick and slippery terrains of Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, to deliver the postcards to people in remote areas. He got retired last week.

IAS Officer Supriya Sahu took to Twitter on Wednesday to share the life story of the Postman named, D Sivan, who walked all his life each day.

Despite the conditions of hilly terrains of Coonoor, and fear of wild animal attacks he made sure to deliver all the postcards to people in the remote areas of Tamil Nadu.

In the post, she also revealed that D Sivan has been chased by wild elephants, bears, and gaurs as well, and has also crossed slippery steams, and waterfalls during his duty.

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IAS Supriya wrote, “Postman D. Sivan walked 15 km everyday through thick forests to deliver mail in inaccessible areas in Coonoor. Chased by wild elephants, bears, gaurs, crossing slippery streams&waterfalls he did his duty with utmost dedication for 30 years till he retired last week,” crediting Tamil daily news, Dinamalar Hindu.

As soon as Sahu posted it on Twitter, people have been applauding the efforts of the old man for his inspiring determination towards work and for his help to underprivileged.

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As per The Hindu report from 2016, the postman was paid Rs. 12,000 per month for his hardworking job. The post by Supriya was to commemorate the journey of the Postman’s 30 years of hard work.

Posted By: Talib Khan