New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: An image recovered during research shows that the barren expanses of the Sahel and Sahara deserts feature little greenery, but after the detailed study of the satellite picture, scientists found something else. Earlier, the scientists have found near 1.8 billion trees dots in the Western African desert region, which changed the perspective of the study in this habitat.

However, the lead author of the study found this surprise and unusual. “We were very surprised that there are quite (so) many trees growing in the Sahara desert. Certainly, there are vast areas without any trees, but there are still areas with a high tree density, and even between the sandy dunes there are here and there some trees growing,” news agency AFP quoted Martin Brandt (lead author)as saying.

During the research, the scientists performed various surveys in the different regions and studied the previous surveys to understand preservation, restoration, climate change and other factors related to it. The research from NASA also revealed that such data and information could help guide efforts to fight deforestation and more accurately measure carbon storage on land.

The scientists also revealed that this study cannot be stagnant, it can be repeated in the coming years because it has a huge scope of development. Since the higher resolution of the satellite image is not available, it is difficult for scientists to come to a conclusion. However, the team of researchers tried to find out a solution and they paired satellite images at very high resolutions with deep learning. They labeled all possible trees and counted them.

According to the report published in AFP, Brandt individually counted and label nearly 90,000 trees himself. "The level of detail is very high and the model needs to know how all kinds of different trees in different landscapes look," he said.

Posted By: Srishti Goel