New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: In a first, the world will soon witness an out-of-the-world hotel experience, as a company, known as, Orbital Assembly Corporation, is going to start the construction of a super-luxurious hotel in outer space. The Orbital Assembly Corporation is planning to build a Voyager Station in low Earth orbit in 2025 and is hoping that the interstellar hotel may get operational by 2027.

According to media reports, the interstellar resort will have restaurants, cinema, spa, gyms, libraries, concert venues, Earth-viewing lounges and bars and rooms for over 400 people. The Voyager Station, reports say, will be a large circle and rotate to generate artificial gravity that will be set at a similar level to the gravity found on the Moon's surface. The Voyager Station will circle the Earth every 90 minutes.

The Voyager Station will be made up of rings, with a number of 'modules' attached to the outermost of the rings. Some of the modules attached in the spaceship will be run by Gateway Foundation and will remain available for crew members, air, water and power. These modules will also have a gym, kitchen, restaurant, bar and other essential facilities for people staying for a longer period on the Voyager Station.

The Orbital Assembly Corporation will also lease or sell these 20x12 modules to private companies and governments for private villas or creating a hotel with a spa and other facilities. However, the company has yet revealed the cost for its construction or any prices related to the stay. The company is also trying to find permanent stakeholders, government agencies looking to use the space as a training centre.

“This will be the next industrial revolution,” John Blincow, the founder of Gateway Foundation, was quoted by Daily Mail as saying. The Gateway Foundation will run some of the Voyager’s pods. A robot by the name of STAR (Structure Trust Assembly Robot) is set to build the Voyager’s frame in orbit once the company completes some gravity-related testing.

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan