New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: The emojis in online conversations have gradually become an integral part of virtual interactions. You may have your own ‘most preferred’ emojis or emoticons yourself. But did you ever wonder which is the emoji that people used the most in 2021? That too during the grim times of COVID-19 pandemic?

It is tears of joy emoji. That is, people used the expression of tear-jerking laughs most in the mostly grim year that 2021 was.

The development came when a list of most used emoticons was published by California-based Unicorn Consortium, that maintains the list of information technology standards in use. 

Red Heart emoticon distant second: Unicode

The California-based non-profit organisation said that while ‘tears of joy’ emoticon constitutes 5 per cent of all emoticons used, the other character that comes close is red heart emoticon.

“As infinitely creative and diverse as the world is, the top 100 emoji comprise ~82% of total emoji shares,” Unicode said.

Flags least favourite among people: Unicode

The emoticons depicting the flags were least favourite among people worldwide, Unicode Consortium said.

“They represent the largest collection (258 emoji!), but are used the least,” Unicode Consortium added.

Unicode also took to Twitter to describe their list on December 2.

“92% of the world’s online population use emoji — but which emoji are we using?” they wrote.

The other emojis that took the ranks between second to tenth were red heart, rolling on the floor laughing, thumbs up, loudly crying face, folded hands, face blowing a kiss, smiling face with hearts, smiling face with heart-eyes, and smiling face with closed eyes. The most popular emoji subcategories included face-smiling, plants or flowers, and emotions. 

Posted By: Mukul Sharma