New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: The first-ever public platform in the living memory which gave the masses the initial taste of social media was Orkut. First introduced in 2004 which at its peak had over 300 million active users, the much-loved trend of Orkuting got over in 2014 with the new-age popular social networking sites – Twitter and Facebook – taking over. The name and the memory of Orkut have returned again in the form of renewed nostalgia following the speculations over the ban on Twitter and facebook-owned Instagram in the backdrop of India’s new IT rules.

“Orkut is the OG,” a Twitter user wrote while using the millennial term for the original gangster.

“The term #Orkut brings always a smile to my face. Only those who are in their 30s know the value of this word,” recalled another Tweeple.

Alright! You know there was much to laugh when everyone heard the following phrase in the film ‘Welcome’

Gen-Z wonders what the Orkut was?

When Google-owned Orkut was shut in 2014, most of today’s Gen-Z had not even entered their teenage years. Twitter was not surprised when the Gen-Z started scratching their head what Orkut really was.

“17-year olds today when they see #Orkut trending on Twitter and find out, it existed even before Facebook, let alone Instagram,” wrote a netizen.

“Which weapon is it,” Lord Lakshman seems curious.

Orkut was first introduced by a Google employee with the same name, Orkut Büyükkökten. The first social networking site of its time, Orkut was owned by Google. The platform succumbed to the competition from new-age social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook by the beginning of the 2010s. It was officially closed by Google in July 2014. However, Orkut tried to re-enter the market in 2018 through a gaming platform ‘Hello’ but could not gain as much popularity.

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan