New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Along with the second wave of COVID-19, came a number of fungal infections associated with it. With Black fungus (mucormycosis) declared an epidemic in many states across India, the country in the previous few weeks reported cases of White Fungus as well as Yellow Fungus from many parts of the country. The list of fungal infections is ongoing. Madhya Pradesh’s Indore reported the first case of Green Fungus infection this week. A 34-year-old man, who had recovered from COVID-19 was consequently shifted to a hospital in Mumbai following the diagnosis.

However, as the Tweeples came to know about the first Green Fungus case in the country, they couldn’t stop but wonder: ‘what more the pandemic is going to make us watch?’

Pride and Green Fungus

Since June is the month of pride, did fungus decide to come in solidarity? A twitterati wondered, suggesting: “We know its pride month, doesn't mean the fungus has to support it. #GreenFungus”

What the new color of the fungus is going to be? Is Black Fungus going to play a colour wheel game to decide the next colour of its infection? Tweeple wondered: “After Black, White, Yellow, Green funguses Fungus trying to think what should be the next colour be like.”

Other than the fact that India hummed Dhanush’s Kolaveri Di before the era of high-speed internet, even the fungus is taking Kolaveri cue to change colors. Isn’t it?

And what our great nice Babu Bhaiya thinking of it?

What about Rajpal Yadav?

How COVID-19 and fungal infections are linked?

According to Doctors and Medical experts, any patient after recovering from a severe COVID-19 infection is prone to suffer from invasive fungal infection. People whose immunity remains compromised are more at risk of contracting such infections. At the same time, cleanliness and hygiene methods in place prevent the spread of such fungal infections.

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan