New Delhi| Jagran Trending Desk: We have learnt about the term bird's-eye view in photography, but this video will make you understand the concept literally.

In a recent video, a parrot is seen grabbing a phone and flying away with it. The video has been shared by a Twitter user called Fred Schultz. In this video of  two minutes, the man who posted the video is also featured.

 Sharing the viral video on Twitter, Fred wrote a caption, " Parrot takes the phone on a fantastic trip". The viral video has already garnered over 1 million views and over 34,000 likes. In the video several person can be heard calling for the bird.

 Watch the video here:

The video captured by the parrot shows perfect bird's eye angle. The flight of the parrot is perfect, till the moment it gets tired and sit on a car. Some netizen are amazed by the video, while some says it's animated.


 One of the Twitter user commented, " It’s 100% an animation. Pause and look at the bird wings. They look cut out with harsh edges - there’s no real motion blur. Shadows on ground and buildings are too sharp. The leaves on the trees don’t have real texture. It all looks flat. Movement is also extremely unrealistic," while other commented,"We didn't get the best part, how the phone got back... They always cut those clips too soon."

Yet another said," Who needs a drone when you can use an eco-friendly parrot." Some other micro blogging site users said, “The bird got tired tho in the end --- it was flying low. I hope this doesn't become a thing."



Posted By: Ashita Singh