New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: In an alarming video, a man in Pakistan tries to sell his children on the streets for Rs 50,000. The video has raised the temperature of the blood of many netizens after it surfaced and went viral on social media.

Reportedly, the incident has been recorded in the Ghotki district, Sindh province in Pakistan, and the man in the video is a policeman named Nisar Lashari, from the prisons department, who is seen shouting in the middle of the street while his two kids look visibly confused.

In the video, he picks up his younger son in his arms and yells at the street that he is selling his children for Rs 50,000. The video was posted by a Twitter user named Sheikh Sarmad.

As reported by Vice, the cop in the video needed leave for his son’s medical treatment. However, his boss asked for a bribe in exchange for granting him leave. When he could not bribe the boss, his leave was canceled and he was transferred to Larkana, 120 km from the city.

“Why did they give me this punishment just for not paying a bribe? I am so poor that I could not even travel to Karachi to file a complaint with the inspector general of prisons. The people here are so powerful and there is usually no action taken against them,” he told Vice.

“Was I supposed to pay off bribes or pay for my child’s operation? Was I supposed to work in Larkana or was I supposed to take my child for treatment?” Lashari added.
The video so far has garnered 71.1 k views on the Internet and many re-tweets. Netizens have flooded the comment section with sympathy.

One user wrote, ”So sad … It was hard for him to manage the things but what he is doing in helplessness could have everlasting psychological effects on the kids. No good at all.”

Meanwhile, another wrote, "This is happening with forces. Imagine what can happen to ordinary people. Hope sense will prevail and we don't become like Afghanistan and Syria where there is no system."

After the video went viral, the cop caught the attention of Sindh’s chief minister Murad Ali Shah. He later helped, the cop get back his job and also granted a 14-day leave of absence so he could be with his child for the treatment.

Posted By: Ashita Singh