New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: We have seen ample fusion foods on the internet in the past few weeks. When it comes to creation, people seem more interested in giving different twists to any beloved food they can find, from maggi golgappa to chocolate samosa to raisin dosa, the internet never stops with it.

Now, the food buffs have spotted a new creation on the internet in which the dessert brownie is served with some paan! yes, you read that right. Usually, the hot brownies are served with some ice cream or chocolate sauce, but this eatery in Gujarat has given it a desi touch and served the sizzling brownie with a paan.

An internet user named Raman took his Twitter and shared the video of the creation that went viral and wrote, "Pan and Browny Combo. Only from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. "

In a video, a man can be seen pouring chocolate sauce on a sizzling platter and placing a cube of brownie on it. He then adds a scoop of mint green ice cream but waits for it... he tops it with a mitha pan filled with all the ingredients.

As per Raman, the video was taken in an eatery in Ahemdabad. After the dish went viral, creators used social media to share a post and asked interested people to try the Paan-brownie at the Carnival Food Park in Gujarat's Ahmedabad.

The new creation has left the micro-blogging site divided as many terms it as heavenly while some called it a crime. One netizen mocked the creator to add some cheese and wrote, "something is missing, grated cheese perhaps," a second user wrote, "bro, legit have seen them frying ice cream in oil," a third one wrote, "Ain't there an IPC section where u can arrest those who massacre food like this?"

Meanwhile, another user wrote, "What does zero alcohol does to people," and another wrote, "What next? Pani puri with coca cola?"

What are your thoughts on this? Do share.

Posted By: Ashita Singh