Optical Illusion: This Mind Blowing Video Of A 3D Cube Has Left Everyone Confused

Optical Illusion: Try to figure out what is different in this 3D cube. The reality might leave you shocked and confused.

By Simran Srivastav
Mon, 20 Jun 2022 05:45 PM IST
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Optical Illusion: This Mind Blowing Video Of A 3D Cube Has Left Everyone Confused
Image Credits: Best Illusion of the Year Contest/YouTube

Sometimes we see an image or a video that just leaves us confused. Those pictures or videos are called optical illusions, which our brain perceives differently and it does not match reality. These illusions trick your mind and leave you baffled. But this mind-boggling video of a cube has left many people confused and they are trying to figure out if it is a normal cube or an illusion.

Take a look at this video first. You will see a red 3D cube in the video, but there is a twist in this video.

At first, the cube will look simple and normal, but as the video progresses, it turns out to be a cut out of cardboard. The video was posted by the Youtube channel 'Best Illusion of the Year Contest' and this illusion was submitted to the 'illusion of the year contest' in 2021. The illusion is called Oh La La Box and is made by a father-daughter duo Olivier and Chloe Redon. The video reads, 'Double inverted perspective cube'.

They have described that the illusion is created by just two pieces of an ordinary box. They explained, "The geometry of the 'Oh La La Box' has been carefully designed to successfully create the illusion. The two pieces of the box (front and back) visually fuse together to create what appears to be a normal ordinary box. When both pieces (with inverted perspective) of the Oh La La Box are properly arranged and viewed from a precise location the box is completed."

The YouTube channel posted another optical illusion video by Michael Cheshire, which also involves 3D cubes. Take a look at this video.

The stack of cubes is actually a 2D cardboard. Michael Cheshire describes, "The illusion is a two-dimensional work made from wood veneers on a solid background. The impression of depth is caused by the choice of three colours of wood arranged in a hexagon to look like a 3D cube. With many hexagons arranged to overlap and of differing sizes the 3D effect becomes magnified. By adding the larger outer hexagons, makes another illusory cube which encloses and balances the whole design. The gaps between also help to give the structure a 3D effect overall. Even when shown that it is flat, we are compelled to see it as 3D."

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