Optical Illusion: This 'City Flyby' Video Will Leave You Amazed | Watch

This illusion is called 'Emergent City Flyby with Colossus' and it is created by Christopher Tyler and David Phillips.

Optical Illusion: This 'City Flyby' Video Will Leave You Amazed | Watch
Image Courtesy: Best Illusion Of The Year Contest/YouTube

We often come across some pictures or video that leaves us scratching our heads because they are different from reality. Such images are videos are called 'Optical Illusions', which trick our minds to believe something different and our brain perceives them differently. This illusion of "Emergent City Flyby with Colossus" has amazed people and also made them question their eyes.

The illusion was posted by the YouTube channel 'Best Illusion of the Year Contest', and it was created by Christopher Tyler and David Phillips.

At first, the video will look like white dots on a black background. But as the video starts moving, it looks like the city lights. But here's a twist, those lights will take different shapes as you will watch the video. At first, it will look like buildings or cuboids. Then, it will also take a shape of a human face. But if you stop the video, they will look kike simple dots on a black screen.

Christopher Tyler and David Phillips describe, "Much of the visual system is concerned with the detection of edges as a basis for seeing structures, but motion parallax provides complex object structure without explicit luminance edges or other depth cues."

They further added that the illusion completely goes away when the video is stopped. "In the movie, a ghost city and colossus spring into vivid depth within a fraction of a second of motion onset, but reveal the illusion by vanishing when movement stops. In this way, contemporary animation brings to life the pioneering discoveries of structure from motion by Johannson and the Gibsons, by revealing the immediacy of our visual capability to perceive complex scenes from motion information alone," the description reads.

This illusion was runner-up in the Best Illusion of the Year Contest 2021, where people across the world created and submitted their optical illusions.

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