Optical Illusion: This Changing Room Trick Will Leave Your Mind Baffled

This optical illusion of 'changing room' will fool you eyes. If you will closely, the objects in the room change.

By Simran Srivastav
Updated: Fri, 01 Jul 2022 06:11 PM IST
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Optical Illusion: This Changing Room Trick Will Leave Your Mind Baffled
Image Credits: Best Illusion of the Year Contest/YouTube

Sometimes we come across videos or images that are mind baffling. When you see those things, you are not able to believe your eyes and it leaves you confused. Those images or videos are called optical illusions, that trick our minds to believe something different. Optical Illusions do not match reality as our brain perceives them differently. Now take a look at this 'changing room illusion'. This illusion of changing room is not as simple as it looks and has left everyone scratching their heads.

The video was posted by the YouTube channel 'Best Illusion of the Year Contest' and it was created by Michael A. Cohen. Take a look at this video.

In the video, we see a room and everything seems normal with it. Later, we see something different in the room, but it is not visible to us. But if you will see carefully, you will notice the different books in the cupboard, different clothes on the sofa, different cushion colours and other things.

The video says, "You are about to see the waiting room of a science laboratory. See if you can spot the items in the room that are a bit 'out of place'." After the image of the room appears, it says, "Did you notice that a majority of the objects slowly changed/moved while the video played? Let's see the first frame of the video and the last frame of the video back to back." The video further added, "If you're still sceptical, rewatch the video and just focus on a few items that change (eg the rug, the couch cushions, etc.). This demo shows that you may be aware of much less of the world around you than you realise!"

The creator of the illusion describes that 'the Changing Room Illusion' is an example of "graduate change blindness". The description says, "graduate change blindness is a phenomenon in which observers are unable to notice changes to the world around them when those changes occur gradually. In virtually all prior cases, gradual change blindness is studied by changing individual objects (e.g., a chimney disappearing or a facial expression shifting). While trying to prepare a novel example of this phenomenon for students, I realized that I could change dozens of items change without observers noticing. Overall, this illusion highlights how people may actually perceive and remember far more of the world around them than they intuitively realize."

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