New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Money Heist Season 5 recently got released on Netflix and it has left the audience awe-struck. The fans now are waiting for volume 2 of Money Heist 5 to get released in December. The heist mastermind in the series 'The Professor' is very famous for his intelligence. But now he is grabbing even more attention all over social media and the reason is his doppelganger. YES! the Professor now has a Doppelganger and fans have started a meme fest.

There is a picture trending on social media which shows a person who exactly looks likes the Professor of the Money Heist. The picture which is trending on social media is apparently taken in Pakistan and the doppelganger is a shopkeeper of that country. As soon as the picture got posted, it spread like a wildfire on the internet.

Fans from all over the world took their Twitter to share the same picture and have different reactions to it. The post has garnered several likes and many retweets. The photo has turned into a meme.

Take a look at the memes here:

One internet user in a hilarious way commented, "Professor Made in Pakistan," while the other said that he is buying diapers for Alicia Sierra's baby. Another commented that Tokyo: professor if Sierra caught you.. what next then; Professor: here the plan A to Z would be implemented. I will run a shop and give a discount to inspector Sierra on Baby Products."

Many speculated for another heist while many took the Kirana store as the end game for Professor. What are your thoughts on this Pakistani Man who resembles Professor? Do share your thoughts here.

Posted By: Ashita Singh