New Delhi| Jagran Trending Desk: Time passes by so quickly, even though we bid goodbye to the year 2020, there are many memories from that year that we just can't get over. From good to bad, everything happened in 2020. Last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced lockdown to fight with coronavirus pandemic. In 2020, people witnessed several changes in their day-to-day life. From laptops becoming meeting rooms to smartphones becoming classrooms, our world turned upside down as we were stuck at home. Well, sometimes we do not know how much patience we have until we do things and this year we tried our hands on many things. 

As we are observing one year of lockdown, we have listed down 5 things we had to do in this period, check out:

1. Washing dishes

'Oh no! Oh no! Oh no.. no.. no. ' Did the music play in your head? Ohh yes, you guessed it right, that was exactly the feeling we had when we used to do the dishes. Well, this time period also made us appreciate the efforts of people who do the same chores on the daily basis. Hats off to them.

2. Zoom Meetings

Talking about Zoom Meetings, they became an essential part of our life. Our bedroom became our office desk and our 'Ghar ki chai' became our ultimate tea break. Well, many Zoom blunders too happened at that period of time, some people were caught sleeping while some just ranted about things without knowing that they were on call. It surely gave us all a good laugh.

3. DIY

Well, all thanks to the internet, DIY made things easy for us. We didn't know, it would be of good help. These homemade hacks taught us several things. From DIY face masks to outfit, we tried our hands on everything, and yes we loved it.

4. Ludo and Houseparty Game

Our phones came to the rescue to save us from boredom. It was just a year back when we all got hooked to these ultimate games like Ludo and Houseparty.

5. Finally! We got the time to pursue our hobbies

In this lockdown, people tried their hands in pursuing their hobbies. Some tried to paint while some took online lessons of the ukulele. That period gave enough time to people to pursue their hobbies again.

Well, now it's 2021 and the world has enough expectation from this year and if 2021 was a person, it would've been taking therapies to deal with the pressure.

So, how many things did you try from this list? Do let us know in the comment section.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma