Hyderabad  | Jagran Trending Desk: 73-year-old Gangadhar Tilak Katnam, along with his wife (64) Venkateshwari Katnam have been doing a unique thing to save lives in Hyderabad. The couple use money from their own pension to repair the potholes in their area.

You would be surprised know that the couple has set out in their mission only with the help of a car. They have donned their car with all the equipment required to fix potholes. It is called the 'pothole ambulance' which is used to fix potholes wherever they see them.

Upon being asked what promoted him to do this, Gangadhar said, "After witnessing several accidents on the roads because of potholes I decided to do something about the issue and find a solution to it," as reported by news agency ANI.

He also tried to contact the authorities regarding the potholes in a bid to find a solution to the problem. However, later took the job on himself. "Initially, I tried to complain about the issue with the police and the municipality officials but none of it was of any use. That is when I decided to fill the potholes by myself," Gangadhar added.

Gangadhar is a retired employee of the Indian Railways who started working in a software company after 35 years of service. Since then, he along with his wife have been fixing potholes on the road in their area. Till now the couple has fixed 2,030 potholes in and across the city and spent about Rs. 40 lakh on it from their own pocket.

"I am managing the finances of this initiative from the pension that I receive. All the material that is required for the task is bought using money from my pension. For the last 11 years, I was able to fill nearly about 2,030 potholes in and across the city and spent about Rs. 40 lakh on it," Gangadhar said in a statement to Economic Times.


Posted By: Sugandha Jha