New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: India is witnessing the 'hottest summer ever'. Many parts of the country is currently covered with severe heatwave with temperatures rising to high as 45 degrees Celsius every day. The weather department has issued alerts for several states and announced heatwave warnings for atleast states including Odisha. Currently, Odisha is sweltering under the blazing sun and the temperature is so much high that people in the state are cooking under the sun without actual fire! Yes, you read that right.

To prove that heat in Odisha has reached its peak, a woman in Odisha’s Sonepur was captured on camera making roti on the car bonnet. A video has gone viral showing the woman making chapati on the hood of a car in the sizzling 40-degree heat.

In the viral video, the woman can be seen standing under the scorching sun and making roti out of dough and then cooking it on top of a car's bonnet. Sharing this video, Twitter user @nilamadhabpanda wrote, "Scenes from my town Sonepur. It’s so hot that one can make roti on the car Bonnet”.

Soon after the video went viral on social media several netizens reacted to it. Licipriya Kangujam, a ‘climate activist’ from Manipur reacted to the video and wrote, ”Congratulations India! Finally, we can make roti on the car bonnet.”

Meanwhile, another netizen wrote, "yesterday, my hand got burnt when I was moving my bike in shade from sunlight." Another person said, "I think it's better to get a solar cooker it's very easy to cook within minutes, not to wait for hours to cook." Some others also laughed at the video.

Talking about the weather, The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted heatwave conditions in large parts of the country for at least the next five days. Parts of Rajasthan, Delhi, Haryana, UP and Odisha can record up to 45 degrees Celcius.

Director-General of India Meteorological Department (IMD), Mrutyunjay Mohapatra on Tuesday said there will be no respite from the prevailing extreme weather conditions for people in Odisha for the next few days and the temperature will likely soar more.

Posted By: Ashita Singh