New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: The Pentagon, which is the defense headquarters of the United States of America released a video of a UFO through its official Twitter handle. In the video, a UFO (Unidentified object) can be seen flying in the air, this video was captured by the U.S. Navy long back in 2004. Since then these videos have been shared over the internet.

The existence of the alien creatures elsewhere in the space has been a question that humans of the 21st century have been pondering now for two decades. The knowledge and verification about any such mysterious flying object push us to question ourselves even further about the existence of aliens, as it gets quite obvious that any flying object that is working without human brains would have occupied the creatures of either some unknown planet or land.

Though the tweet by the official handle of CBS News did not draw any lines on the graphs of why it took them years to verify the video which was shot by the U.S. Navy. The video is viral on the internet now with over 31.8K likes, 13.8K retweets, and 2.9K comments.

Soon after the CBS News released the video on Twitter writing," Pentagon formally releases 3 Navy videos showing "unidentified aerial phenomena," a lot of people started popping up with their theories.

"I still want to know how they bend the rules of physics and not create a sonic boom. If UFOs exist then my guess is that the 10 Lost Tribes are much more advanced than us because we have a tendency to destroy advanced civilizations only to start again from scratch," wrote a person in the comment section connecting it to the reason for past civilizations.

Amid the Pandemic when the world is suffering from the deadly threat of coronavirus verification of alien activities makes us feel more vulnerable as the next chapter of human civilization seems close.

Posted By: Talib Khan