New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: Who doesn't sweet corns right? Boiled sweet-sweet corn with butter and spices and lemon just takes our heart away. But this new twist in the recipe of sweet corn will make you think twice. This new sweet corn invention has gone viral on the internet and netizens are furious.

Anikait Luthra, a food blogger has shared a cringe recipe of the sweet corn that will make you feel disgusted. In the viral video, a street vendor in Delhi serves the cob of corn with Chocolate syrup! yes, it's filthy.

Take a look at the video here: 

Anikait sharing the video captioned it, "Most weird Chocolate sweet corn?" The video has garnered 33.3 k likes so far and its comment section is flooded with comments slamming the street vendor and food blogger.

Many criticised the food blogger for covering the place in East Delhi for publicity while other mocked the vendor and asked to add some cheese over it.

One irked netizen said, "Garud puran me iske liye alag saza hey!!" another wrote, "You had us till the salt part and after that I've been seeing anything like."

Meanwhile, another Instagram user wrote, "Why sab me chocolate and cheese kyu."

Netizens went crazy over the new sweet corn recipe as they begged the so-called food innovators to stop these crazy things, "Please just stop," said one frustrated netizen.

Are you disguted too? What are you thoughts on this recipe, do share.

Posted By: Ashita Singh