New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Months before turning hundred, a German Jewish World War-II veteran, after stumbling upon – at various points of time in her life – a Nazi assassination attempt, a plane crash, and breast cancer, has now recovered from Coronavirus. Joy Reid, 99, is often described as "indestructible" for her spirited confrontations and victories with a series of life-threatening circumstances, she continues to defeat for 99 years and counting.

Joy, after testing positive for Coronavirus in early May was put on end-of-life care two weeks after, due to which her 57-year-old daughter, Michele Andrew had said her "final farewell", Fox News reported.

However, the war-veteran surprised everyone as she was able to "miraculously defeat" the Coronavirus as well. This, coming from a care home where, according to UK's 'The Sun' over 30 others had already succumbed to Coronavirus, was truly astonishing for the medical staff attending to Joy.

"My mother survived an assassination attempt in post-war Germany by her chauffeur, later identified as a Nazi. She also survived a crash landing in the desert as one of BOAC’s first air hostesses. She was rescued by Bedouins. And she survived breast cancer," Joy’s daughter Michelle Andrew told The Sun.

"She certainly wasn't going to let coronavirus defeat her," Michelle added.

Joy served in Bomber Command for the allied forces in World War-II, and after the war joined an airline as an air hostess.  Michelle says that Joy suffers from dementia, due to which, she just no more recognises all the achievements she has recorded all her life, marking an exceptional hallmark of excellence even up till the 99th year of her life. Joy’s family says that they are looking forward to celebrating together Joy’s 100th birthday on November 22 this year.

Posted By: Shashikant Sharma