New Delhi| Jagran Trending Desk: A mother-daughter duo in the US has created history as they became the first pair to fly a commercial plane together. Captain Suzy Garrett and her first officer/daughter Donna Garrett work for SkyWest Airlines. The SkyWest Airline's blog reported that Suzy was the first women hired by the airlines and has been flying planes for over 30 years now.

Everyone in Suzy's family is pilot as Suzy’s husband Doug and her son Mark are also pilots. Donna told the SkyWest Airlines blog that she was exposed to aviation her whole life. She said that she decided to fly because of her parents’ passion and love for flying. She added that she was exposed to the world while growing up, which was a “big inspiration”.

Suzy told the SkyWest Airlines blog before the historic flight with her daughter, "We absolutely love our jobs. You don't see that too much in other occupations. None of our kids were thinking about becoming pilots, but when you start looking at other careers that are out there, sitting in an office, and then see how happy we are - it opened their eyes."

Donna said she came close to aviation from a very early age and decided to become a pilot because of her parents' passion and love for flying.

Suzy was asked about her first airborne with her daughter, she said, "I love it! I really love it. It's neat having your kid experience what you've gotten to experience. She's part of the SkyWest family. I think it's going to be a great career for her. She likes having variety and excitement in her life."

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma