New Delhi| Jagran Trending Desk| The coming days of September will be an incredible treat for sky gazers. After watching the stupefying alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, and Moon for the second time last month, we also saw the conjugation of the moon and Mars past weekend, a sight to behold for space enthusiasts. However, on the off chance, if you missed all these sights, don't you worry, there is an upcoming event in store for you.

On September 13 and 14, the waning crescent moon and Venus are going to be spotted in the sky in the east before sunrise. The sight of the moon in the morning sky is surreal but imagine it with the third brightest bodies to light up the sky.

If you get up early on September 13, you can catch the sight of 20% lit crescent moon, with star Pollux in the Gemini constellation shining above it. Below the moon will be the third brightest body Venus and right next to Venus will be M44, the 'Beehive Cluster' or 'Praesepe,' an open cluster of stars about 520 light-years away.

Yet again, if you want to enjoy this sky you can catch this sight on September 14 at the same time at the same place but this time the moon will be 13% illuminated.

On the other hand, Neptune will be too faint to watch. However, if you have binoculars you can enjoy its sight too.

Nonetheless, if you want to enjoy the blueness of the sky along with planets you will need a telescope to look at it.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma