New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: A recent video of bank robbery grabbed the eyeballs of many and instead of being angry on the robber, everyone laughed their hearts out. The LOL reaction came after seeing the most unusual robber, ‘a monkey’.

In the video posted by news agency ANI earlier in the day, the monkey can be seen decoding the assembly of the machine and breaking the initial panel of the ATM machine. The incident is of the south avenue in Delhi.

As the agency took to twitter to post it, they wrote, "#WATCH A monkey damages an ATM of State Bank of India in South Avenue area of Delhi. (Video source: Delhi Police)."

The video has been provided to the agency by the Delhi police. Within a span of a few hours the video went viral over the internet, it has fetched 40,000 views by now and the number in exponentially inflating further.

Amid the Lockdown as most of the people are binge-watching, it took no time for the netizens to connect the incidence with Netflix web series 'Money Heist,' and replace the word 'money' with 'monkey' and name this episode as 'Monkey Heist.'

The web series also covers the aspect of bank and robbery, hence it deeply inspires the people to connect the dots between the two.

While a lot of them laughed on this, a few pointed out the seriousness of the issue as the monkey seems trained to rob," It has been trained to do so," wrote one on twitter.

A similar video had surfaced a few days back in which a monkey tried to kidnap a toddler in the U.S.A., though it failed in doing so, the video was horrifying enough to leave everyone in a state of shock.

Posted By: Talib Khan