New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: The year 2022 is going to be a treat to the eye for all the stargazers as the year will be filled with new celestial events donning the night skies. The first month of the new year will be filled with these astronomical events starting from the New Moon being accompanied by Mars to a meteor shower streaking past.

After January 2, the night sky will be a treat for stargazers as it will become full of unique events in the new year. During the first month of 2022, stargazers will be able to spot planets and stars in the skies as they will be in their darkest after New Moon. The New Moon will rise in the night skies after 2 January, when it will be aligned Sun with Earth on the opposite side. 

Due to the higher gravitational pull of the lunar body, the New Moon brings high tides with it. The gravitational force combines the New Moon phase with Sun, which results in rising ocean waters in the same direction with increased speed and currents.

Another celestial event that is lined up in January is the Quadrantid meteor shower, which will peak on the night of January 2 and January 3 morning. Making a big event, the meteor showers peak will coincide with the new moon, making for great viewing conditions, provided the skies are clear.

The time to view the meteor will be midnight. The constellation Boötes from where the meteors appear to radiate includes the bright star Arcturus. Finally, the first month of 2022 will end with Mars coming close to the Moon and will be visible in the morning skies. Apart from that, Venus will also be visible from the southern sky. 

Posted By: Mallika Mehzabeen