New Delhi | Jagran Trending Desk: November will bring all the astronomical wonders including the Taurid meteor shower, Leonid meteor shower, full beaver moon and Lunar Eclipse. The end of October has brought space spooks and gave a perfect representative of the Halloween festive vibes. According to the scientists, this meteor shows and the alignment of the celestial bodies will bring the brightest meteor showers of this year.

According to the American Meteor Society, the Southern and Northern Taurid will be brightest on Wednesday, November 11. They are the slow-burning meteoroid that can light up the sky for a longer time. It will look like the brightest meteor shower because at this time it remains in its most active state. Among all the night sky shows in the year, this is the finest night shows which can be witnessed from Earth. According to several studies, these asteroids are a bit different from other and have their specific characteristics in the region.

The fireballs during the Taurid display the light and colours with a magnitude of 4 which is dense and highly illuminating. It is one of the most beautiful night skies and much-anticipated for the sightseers. It is found that these meteor shows illuminate the night sky equals to the second planet-Venus.

Talking about the Leonid meteor shower, they are currently peaking and will remain highlights until the end of this month. According to CNet, the Leonids meteor shower hails from comet 55P/Temple Tuttle are clouds of shredded meteors that the Earth passes by whenever it orbits the Sun.

Along with all these celestial activities, Beaver Moon can be seen on November 30. The Lunar Eclipse on this Full Moon will be so vibrant that you would need no equipment to see that. It will be ok to watch the night sky show away from the city (away from pollution).

Important Dates

Taurid meteor shower: November 11

Leonid meteor shower: Until November 30

Full Beaver moon/Luna Eclipse: November 30

Posted By: Srishti Goel