New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: A massive meteor rain, nearly 30 times more powerful than the asteroid strike that killed dinosaurs, had hit the Earth and Moon some 800 million years ago, Japanese scientists have claimed in new research. The scientists examined the pictures of the moon surface sent by the Kaguya lunar orbiter and found out that a giant asteroid broke up and its rocks rained on the Earth-Moon System.

According to the researchers, meteor shower took place some 800 million years ago as eons of erosion and other geological processes have erased the impact craters of meteor strikes created before 600 million years ago.

In the search published by the journal Nature Communications, researchers from Osaka University have also claimed that the meteor shower just before the Cryogenian period might also have influenced life on earth.


"Our new finding suggests that the flux of extra-terrestrial elements might have influenced marine biogeochemical cycles... severe perturbations to Earth's climate system, and the emergence of animals," they said.

The mass of this meteor strike on Earth and Moon, according to the researchers, was 40-50 million billion tonnes, which is 40-50 times greater than the Chicxulub impact event, 100 million megaton blast that devastated the Gulf of Mexico region.

Posted By: Shashikant Sharma