The Government of India in an unprecedented decision on Monday banned 59 Chinese apps that also included popular instant video-sharing app Tiktok, which as a matter of past now, reportedly had 12 crore active monthly users in India. However, social media users soon flooded the microblogging site with rib-tickling jokes and tear-jerking humour.

While many wanted to assure, if or not the popular e-game PUBG has been put on the ban list or not, others celebrated it as a victory of notions about TikTok put forward by famous Youtube roaster Ajey Nagar, popularly known as Carryminati.

As PUBG fans heaved a sigh of respite on the popular gaming app not being in the ban list published by the government, here's how users reacted:

The Raju Rastogi-kind-desperation among Indian parents on not seeing PUBG in the ban list.

Chinese apps getting Jaikant Shirke-level thrashing

 Oops to the 'bhed bhaav' (discrimination)!

One user also pointed out that the character of Sebastian, in currently trending Netflix-horror ‘Dark’ had predicted the fall of TikTok much before.

And who could be as ‘barbaad’ as Roop Chaudhary from 'Kalank'?

The popular culture of India, last month got aggravated into a famous Youtube Vs. Tiktok clash, led by Youtube-content creator Ajey Nagar, who had attacked many famous Tiktok users and the exchange of accusatory remarks continued amid removal of Nagar's content from Youtube, and Google's deletion of Tiktok's playstore ratings and reviews.

Netizens hailed Ajey Nagar, popularly known as Carryminati as an eventual winner of the Youtube Vs. Tiktok clash, in a way that, a few hours after the ban was announced Carryminati was among the top Twitter trends.

One user called it as an Om-Kapoor-falling-for-Shanti-moment for Carryminati

A second user called Carryminati the happiest person in the country after the ban.

Other tweeple added Prime Minister Narendra Modi into 'happiest person(s)' list'.

Posted By: Shashikant Sharma