New Delhi|Jagran Trending Desk: No matter whichever age we live in, there is no end to gender bias in India. Especially when it comes to Indian brides, it becomes little confusing whether the groom is looking for a human being or a product with perfect features. A newspaper clip of a matrimonial ad is doing rounds on social media as it puts forth bizarre demands such as "bride must not be addicted to social media.

The newspaper ad was posted on Twitter by an IAS officer named Nitin Sangwan. In the ad, a Bengali lawyer is looking for a bride and he laid down his own details from height to colour and his occupation in the High Court as well as having a village house.

Moving on to the ad, it reads, "‘With no demand’, he seeks a bride who is ‘fair, beautiful, tall, and slim.’ The next criteria have the internet in splits as it states that ‘bride must not be addicted to social media.

The caption of the post reads, "“Prospective bride/groom please pay attention. Matchmaking criteria are changing.

This tweet went viral and has so far received 67 retweets and 933 likes. Not to mention, after the tweet went on to the feed it left netizens in splits.

One of the users said, "That's funny! Chatterjee won't get married.

Another user said, "Devlok mein hi milegi fir toh.

Yet another said, "Kunwara hi rahega ye vakil

However, there are also reactions of Twitteratis in which they are not happy with this ad as the matrimonial advertisement seeks the bride to be fair and slim.

One of the users commented that "Dear sir, but wen this "FAIR,BEAUTIFUL,TALL,SLIM" criteria will change? Wen? I think this is much more imp! Aisa hai to ham jaisi sawnli ladkiyo ke to upar tamacha jada ja raha hai..har roj! Fair n lovely becomes GLOW& lovely..BADLAV KAHA AYA AKHIR? Ye soch badalna imp hai"

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma